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MALPAS licence sales

MALPAS is fully supported by Atkins under an annual support agreement – this includes regular product upgrades and help with technical queries.

MALPAS is compatible with MS Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/7 & 8.

For enquiries about licenses please email us: malpas@atkinsglobal.com.


Various training courses in the technique of static code analysis and the use of MALPAS are available through Atkins. Courses can be held at Atkins offices or at a customer’s premises and can be tailored to suit the level of management and technical detail required.


Program analysis (especially compliance analysis) can be difficult and time-consuming, even with the assistance of MALPAS. Atkins offers a dedicated MALPAS software analysis team that will:

  • Help shape a strategy for analysis of your software;
  • Perform the analysis; and
  • Write the analysis reports.


We respect our clients’ confidentiality. The MALPAS analysis that we carry out for our clients is performed on secure networks in LIST X-approved sites.

Further software assurance services

The MALPAS toolset is available to purchase under an annual support agreement. However for many clients, Atkins performs the MALPAS analysis as an independent V&V service. Click here for details.


MALPAS uses a unique and universal analytical process with analysers for control flow, data use, information flow, semantics and compliance.



With MALPAS you can undertake exhaustive, flexible and cost-effective analysis of your software in any programming language>View


More detailed information including an example of code verification using MALPAS.


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